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Economic Activities Grounded As Flood Washes Away Taraba Community Road



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Peva town, in Taraba State’s Takum Local Government Area, is the economic heartbeat of the region, contributing significantly to local and state revenue through its bustling market.

Adu, a nearby village, thrives economically by being closely connected to Peva’s market and serves as the agricultural hub supplying agricultural products to the market weekly.

However, this critical connection has been devastatingly severed by relentless rains, which have washed away the road linking Adu to Peva, plunging the community into isolation and economic hardship.

Mr. Tertsea Chieve, a resident of Adu, lost his rice farm to the floodwaters that cut off the village from Peva Market.

While reflecting on the sad development, Ugan said, “The rains came swiftly and fiercely, overwhelming Adu with a deluge that local elders describe as unprecedented.”

Arewa PUNCH reports that such was the havoc wrecked on the community that the road, which once meandered through rolling fields and past small homesteads, succumbed to the forces of nature.

Torrents of water cascaded from the hills, eroding the soil and undermining the roadbed, eventually causing large sections of the road to wash away.

“This is the worst rain I have seen in my life,” Chieve lamented, adding, “The road has never been in great shape, but it was our only link to the market. Now, it’s completely gone.”

The destruction of the road has far-reaching implications for Adu, a community where agriculture is the mainstay of local livelihoods.

Farmers who relied on Peva Market to sell their crops and purchase essential supplies now face the grim reality of economic isolation.

Mr. Terkula Mnguve, a big-time farmer and businessman who equally lamented the development said, “We don’t have any alternative routes available, so we are forced to undertake the arduous and costly journey often through other neighbouring communities, just to reach Peva.

“The cost of transportation has increased tremendously, making it almost impossible for many to sell their goods at a profit,” he bemoaned.

Mr. Tersoo Mela, an economist and lecturer with the Taraba State University, said the impact of the damaged road extends beyond economic losses.

According to him, the road was also a vital conduit for essential services, including healthcare, education, and supplies.

“With its collapse, residents are cut off from these critical services.

I was told that one Mr. Samuel Tordoo lost his wife, who was being transported to Peva during a child birth labour. Because of the damaged road, they took a long route, and before they could arrive Peva to access medication, she died on the way due to complications.

“That road and many other rural roads in the state need to be fixed quickly, or many lives will be at risk.

“For many families, the road also serves as their access to education, as children from Adu attend schools in Peva. With the road gone, the daily journey to school has become an insurmountable challenge, threatening to disrupt the education of dozens of children,” Mela pointed out.

Dr. Chiega Mela, Chairman of the Elders’ Forum for the People’s Democratic Party in the area, in a telephone interview with journalists, called for urgent help and determination from the authorities to rebuild the damaged road.

“We are a hardworking community, and all we ask is for the government to help us rebuild this road. It’s our lifeline. Without it, our future is uncertain,” Mela pleaded.

Hon. John Ali, Chairman of Takum Local Government Council, confirmed the devastating and totally collapsed state of the road occasioned by torrential rains.

However, he promised to mobilise resources and personnel to restore access.

“I received the report of the flooded road last night.

The road is important to the people, and we can not allow it to remain destroyed. I will mobilise resources and men to the area to ensure there is access for now before taking further steps for proper construction,” Ali assured.

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