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Japa: Top 10 Easiest Countries To Get a Schengen Visa In 2024



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For the summer of 2024, travelers aiming to secure a Schengen visa should consider applying to Iceland, Switzerland, Latvia, and Italy.

These countries are reported to boast the lowest rejection rates, making them the easiest to obtain visas from, according to recent data from Schengen Visa Statistics.

On the flip, those looking to travel to Europe might want to avoid applying for a Schengen visa through Malta, Estonia, and Belgium, as these countries have some of the highest rejection rates globally.

In 2023, Malta topped the list with a rejection rate of 37.6%, followed by Estonia at 33.1% and Belgium at 26.5%.

With Europe’s summer season extending until October, it is wise to plan ahead and consider the varying rejection rates across different Schengen member states.

Sweden and Croatia also have relatively high rejection rates at 23.1% and 20% respectively. On average, the rejection rate across all member states in 2023 stood at 54.2%.

For those seeking a multiple-entry Schengen visa, Germany remains a favorable option.

New migration measures by Germany are set to facilitate Romania’s full accession to the Schengen area, potentially making the process even smoother.

For a higher chance of visa approval, prospective applicants can consider the following countries with the highest approval rates:

Countries easiest to secure Schengen Visa

Iceland: 2.2% rejection rate

Switzerland: 10.7%

Latvia: 11.7%

Italy: 12%

Luxembourg: 12.7%

Lithuania: 12.8%

Slovakia: 12.9%

Germany: 14.3%

Austria: 14.3%

Greece: 14.7%

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