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ICYMI] Why I Stopped Tithe, Offering Payment In My Church — Pastor



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Pastor Oye Baruwa of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Talitakumi parish in Ijoko, Ogun State, speaks with AJIBADE OMAPE on what prompted his decision to discontinue the collection of offerings within his congregation.

Could you share the reason behind your recent decision to cease the collection of offerings within your congregation?

My name is Prophet Dr Emmanuel Baruwa (JP) popularly known as Baba Talitakumi.

I’m the pastor at the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church Talitakumi model parish based in Ijoko Otta, Ogun State. I have some reasons for taking the decision.

First, during the time immediate period after the fuel subsidy was removed, many people could not come to church because they did not have money.

Also, with the situation in the country right now with the cost of foodstuffs, it became clear to me that people are suffering. Food is now expensive. Let’s forget about me, I think all of us should put ourselves in the position of these church members. If we put ourselves in the position of a church member, we will know the problems a lot of them are facing. When somebody is coming from a far place to worship at the church, and he is to spend N2,000 on transportation.

And that person has just N3,000 and will still want to pay the Church offering from that money, How will he survive? If I stop the offering, it doesn’t mean I will not eat. If I stop the tithes, it doesn’t mean God will not send a helper to me. So, I have to be considerate. Many people believe the Bible says we should pay for offerings in Church, and it is when we pay for offerings that God will bless us. But when somebody doesn’t have the money to pay the offering, is God not going to bless that person?, of course, God will bless the person.

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