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Nigeria Returns To Old National Anthem 46 Years After Independence



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President Bola Tinubu has charged the legislature to continue to collaborate and work to build a better and more prosperous nation irrespective of political affiliation

This was as the president unveiled the country‘s New National Anthem

moments after he signed the National Anthem Bill passed by the National Assembly into law returning Nigeria to the old National Anthem


The President, who arrived at the hallowed chamber at 12:25 pm, sang The new National Anthem “NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE” which marks a new beginning for Nigeria.

He congratulated Nigerians on 25 years of unbroken democracy emphasizing the significance of the National Assembly in the country’s progress.

He stated that the legislature represents freedom and a sense of belonging while also acknowledging that without the National Assembly, he may not have found a path to the presidency.


He urged lawmakers to continue collaborating and working together to build the country, stressing that it is their collective responsibility to ensure the nation’s progress.

He advised the Lawmakers to continue to work for the betterment of the country stressing that no other personalities or institutions will help unless they do it themselves

President Tinubu charged the lawmakers to build a democracy that future generations will benefit from

Tinubu spent 27 minutes in the joint session of the national assembly while he also hinted that he will soon transmit the next appropriation bill to the legislature.

The president thereafter unveiled and commissioned the new National Assembly Library Complex, named the Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu Building.

The project was built and completed under the 9th national assembly led by former president of senate Ahmed lawan and speaker Femi Gbajabiamila

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