“However, the reason to look at the economic part from the government part should not be the sole reason why it should consider suspending the ban. It is good that the House of Representatives is still investigating,” he added

The psychiatrist, however, said there is a need for the lawmakers to create strategies that would help in regulating alcohol consumption in the country.

“It is good to have it regulated but something needs to be done to reduce the rate of intake, which is becoming popular among the youth population.

“If there are means to regulate the intake of alcohol, then maybe, they wouldn’t have banned it. But the question now is what are the facilities put in place and how sure are we that people are going to follow the directives?

“The suspension is expected to reduce the rate at which alcohol is consumed. It is not just about suspending or banning, it is for whatever regulation or policy that is made to be well addressed and there should be strategic means of implementation,” he maintained.