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Japa: Many Nigerians Into Forced Prostitution In Belgium – Official



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The Belgian government has said many Nigerians are engaged in forced prostitution in the European country.

The Director-General of the Belgian Office for Foreigners, Freddy Roosemont, disclosed this at a press conference in Abuja on Friday.

Roosemont noted that Nigerians are the highest number of people in forced prostitution in Belgium.

The DG said most Nigerians are being forced into prostitution by traffickers once they arrive in Belgium after being deceived with promised job placements.

“The dream is not real. It is not easy to survive in Europe without a decent job. The dream is fake.

“Belgium is not land of milk and honey, nor is Europe. The highest forced prostitutes in Belgium are Nigerians,” he stated.

He lamented that more Nigerians were currently seeking asylum in Belgium.

He added, “Once in Belgium, they apply for asylum, but this makes little sense. Asylum is determined on the basis of the Geneva Convention and economic motives are not included.

“Therefore the recognition rate for asylum is very low and the chances of obtaining a residence permit are almost non-existent.

“We then see some trying to move to other countries within Europe, but there they will also see that they have already requested asylum in Belgium. Consequently, this European country will send them back to Belgium from where they will have to return to Nigeria.

“As a consequence, people are forced to live in irregular stay, without a social safety net, in precarious conditions. They risk economic exploitation and women risk ending up in prostitution.”

He added that “no fewer than 362 Nigerian migrants sought asylum in 2022 while 380 of them applied in 2023,” adding that only a few of them got their application granted.

He charged Nigerians to ignore those trying to deceive them into embarking on the journey to Europe without admission to a university, a job offer from a Belgian company or an invitation from a family member to relocate.

“Do not invest money for the very risky journey through the Mediterranean nor fill the pockets of human traffickers. Invest in your education, building on the realization of your dreams in Nigeria. A stay in Belgium, through regular channels, can be a useful complement,” the DG advised.

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