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Soludo Promises Rehabilitation For Former Tennis Champion, Tanya Okpala Following Viral Video



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Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State has revealed that former lawn tennis player who represented Nigeria in the 1990s, Tanya Okpala, would undergo rehabilitation. 

The biracial athlete, with a Belarusian mother and Anambra-native father, gained attention through a viral video where she was seen wandering the streets of Awka, begging 

In the video, Okpala, visibly distressed, shared her struggles, emphasizing how she felt abandoned and neglected. 

She expressed frustration at being taunted for her mixed heritage and mentioned people telling her to “go back to your country.”

Despite her challenges, she affirmed her identity as a black Igbo. 

She said, “The whole world hears my story and they laugh at me. I do not know why they laugh at me. They will say ‘Go back to your country’. I am just tired. 

” I am okay. Even though I am a half-cast I consider myself a black Igbo. I am going to the village tomorrow to look after my daughter until further notice.

“Even if it’s just water, but I would prefer something like a Sprite. As I am now, I just ate four puff-puff.

“I was a former lawn tennis champion in Nigeria. I do not know if you are familiar with Tanya Okpala and Jacqueline Okwueze during those days. I played tennis for Nigeria and Africa.” 

Soludo, responding to the video, in a post on his X account on Sunday disclosed that Okpala is now in the custody of the state government. 

He pledged support for her rehabilitation and reunion with her daughter and family. 

“Tanya Okpala (former Tennis champion) is now in the custody of the Anambra State Government. She was with the Commissioner of Women Affairs when my wife spoke with her on the phone. 

“My government will ensure her rehabilitation and fruitful reunion with her daughter and family,” the governor wrote.

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