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Women Affairs Minister Meets Army chief Over ‘Abused’ Female Soldier



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The Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, has visited the Chief of Army Staff, Taoreed Lagbaja, at the high command in Abuja over the case of a female soldier.

The Nigerian military female personnel named Ruth Ogunleye came forward with serious allegations against her superiors, whom she identified as Col. IB Abdulkareem, Col. GS Ogor, and Brig. Gen. IB Solebo.

She alleged they have made life unbearable for her due to her rejection of sexual advances, sexual harassment, intimidation, and threats to life. Ogunleye claimed in a video that went viral on social media and appealed to Nigerians for support in the video.

She acknowledged the potential consequences of her actions, anticipating a possible arrest.

The incident got a lot of attention from netizens who condemned the act in the Nigerian military. They demanded investigations and insisted that they should not be covered up.

However, in a statement issued by the Women Affairs Minister’s media aide, Mr Ohaeri Joseph, after the visit to the army chief on Friday, the minister said she was adequately updated on the efforts the army has put in place towards resolving the matter.

She was also “informed with documented evidence that the lady’s salary was never stopped as she was paid up to December 2023.”

According to her, “the visit is according to the mandate that the Women Affairs Ministry has to promote the interests of every woman in Nigeria, as she has received strong assurances from the Chief of Army Staff concerning this matter and has equally detailed some senior officers to accompany her to visit Ms. Ogunleye.”

“The minister interacted with her and was optimistic that the outcome would be fine,” the statement noted.

Meanwhile, about a week ago, the Nigerian Army promised to investigate the allegations of a female soldier who accused some senior officers of abusing her.

In 2020, the Nigerian Army buried the remains of Lance Corporal Benjamin Collins, who was tortured to death by three senior officers at the Mogadishu Barracks, Abuja, in 2017.

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