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85-Year-Old Grandpa Bags life Jail For Killing Wife



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A grandfather was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for the murder of his 80-year-old wife, who was suffering from dementia.

The man, who used a baseball bat, hammer, and chisel in the attack at their bungalow on Turpins Close in Holland-on-Sea, Essex, a county located in the East of England, United Kingdom, on February 21, 2023, reportedly lost his temper.

According to the BBC, Berry explained to the police that he became angry when Mrs Berry, who was suffering from Dementia, began to kick and scratch at him.

The Court heard that Mrs Berry received 14 brutal blows.

The prosecution said that Mr Berry had gone to the garage to select a hammer and returned before hitting his wife with it.

When asked how much power he had used with the hammer during a police interrogation, Mr Berry reportedly replied, “Obviously not enough.”

Judge Christopher Morgan expressed his view that the defendant perceived the murder as a misguided act of mercy, characterising the case as an utter tragedy.

According to EssexLive, the prosecutor, Mr Andrew Jackson, told the court, “He said he had simply lost his temper and that if he had a gun it would be quicker and better for his wife. He said ‘It’s entirely my fault, she did not deserve it and there’s no excuse.”

Berry was supported by his daughter who sat next to him during the hearing before he was instructed to enter the secure dock for the sentencing.

Delivering his sentencing, Judge Morgan said, “Both you and Edna worked hard to provide for the family and in due course were supportive and loving towards grandchildren. In return, you were both loved and these words cover the tragedy of this case. This was a loving relationship and you were both devoted to each other.”

“All these matters demonstrate the love between the two of you and the devotion you had towards her and her care. It’s clear that you cared for Edna with her daily needs as her condition progressively deteriorated and tried to make her life comfortable. What was unknown to others was the matters in your life.”

Berry was given a life sentence, with the possibility of parole after 10 years.

According to EssexLive, he remained completely composed and showed little reaction as he was directed to be taken into custody.

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