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Nigeria@63: Our Leaders Must Go Back to God – Primate Ayodele



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The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has revealed that Nigeria is still living in bondage despite celebrating 63 years of independence today Sunday, 1st of October, 2023.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, the prophet explained that Nigeria has nothing to show for the 63rd independence due to bad leaders that are ruling the country.

He stated that issues like economic hardship, insecurity, inability to afford basic amenities are preventing the people to experience the dividend of democracy and independence, therefore, bondage is still fully around Nigeria.

Primate Ayodele urged leaders in the country to go to God because nothing feels right in the country. He bemoaned the inability of the country to live up to her status as the giant of Africa, noting that other smaller countries in the continent are doing better than a 63 year old country.

‘’Our leaders must go to God, ruling without leadership in Nigeria will run to jeopardy. This government needs to sustain Nigeria by creating employment, making the economy better because there is terrible hardship. The significance of the government attracts four things and they are security, economy, international relations and our natural resources. If this government isn’t careful about it, they will fail. For them not to fail it, they must take steps.’’

‘’This government doesn’t need noise, Nigerians need to feel the impact of democracy and independence. In the real sense, we are not independent yet, our independence doesn’t give us freedom, we are still staying in bondage. The economy is hard, there is insecurity, people are dropping out of school, let them not raise false hopes. This government is making promises that can’t be fulfilled, they need to do things that are realistic and will help the people enjoy independence better.’’

‘’Spiritually, Nigeria needs prayer, the structure of the country is shaking, we are not an independent nation yet. We are not giant of Africa, some small countries run 24 hours lights in Africa but we are nowhere to be found.’’

Primate Ayodele blamed the retrogression of the country on the leaders’ obstinacy towards the word of God. He posited that they don’t listen to divine advice and the truth. As the country celebrates her 63rd anniversary, the prophet urged the present government to take the issue of rule of law and human rights seriously. He reiterated the need to work on the economy to avoid a tougher situation next year. He also underscored the importance of agriculture and the need to apply the right formula to combat economic hardship.

‘’God knows everything, He knows if things won’t be rosy but this government will never listen to divine advice. If you are telling them the truth, they won’t want to listen and also, we should look at our rule of law and human rights, the government will not want to take it seriously. The government will believe they are second to God, our natural resources will not be used to get money and in the next year, the economy will be tougher if the government doesn’t do anything.’’

‘’In the next one year, standard of living will be very costly in urban and rural areas, government will try in the aspect of infrastructure, the government will not get it right if they don’t apply the right formula for the economy, this government must not encourage thuggery, the government need to encourage agriculture to combat hunger. ‘’

‘’The government should bring out the blueprint that will make the country better and begin to work on it. At 63, we have nothing to show for our independence, no good drainage, students are out of school because of exorbitant prices. If this government fails to rule with the fear of God, there is no way they will prosper. ‘’

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele advised the government on things to focus on to have a better outing in the coming year.

‘’Nigeria’s 63rd anniversary is nothing to write home about, we have continued to swim in failed governments. God needs Nigeria to be an example and lead Africa but we are not getting it right. This government should focus on road, light, employment, payment of salaries, utilization of mineral resources, security, and look after the future of our youth. The government should stop all these ceremonial display and do what is needful.’’

‘’As we celebrate 63 years of independence, the government should increase salaries, create industries, let those in government do their job and not make noise. Nigeria needs God to survive, we should practice what we preached during campaign.’’

‘’I wish the country more years to come; I wish our president more strength. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria.’’

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