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Leading UK based talent development organisation Career Masterclass enters the Nigerian market



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LAGOS: UK based Career Masterclass – which has carved a place for itself in the careers market for democratisation of opportunities – enters the Nigerian market to offer quality career advice and training to established and aspiring professionals. It has already worked with leading companies including Google Africa and AG Leventis in Nigeria.

Career Masterclass helps create a level playing field within the corporate world by arming middle level professionals with the right tools to help them to break the glass ceiling. It has worked with leading multinationals including Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Google and Visa in the UK, Nigeria, the US and Canada. Career Masterclass programmes are targeted at both companies and individuals.

The Nigerian entity will offer a range of training programmes and tools including access to masterclasses from leading experts, content and resources and customised talent development programmes. It will also help connect with mentors and offer valuable insight on how to achieve your career goals.

Speaking about opening its office in Nigeria, Bukola Adisa, the founder of Career Masterclass, who hails from Nigeria said, “Nigeria is an important market for us. We are a global platform but most of our users are from the UK, followed by Nigeria and the US. We also have substantial following in Canada and India. Having run career development programmes for leading multinationals in Nigeria and given the amount of interest we garnered, I believe it was time for us to launch our Nigerian entity.”
The most popular training programmes in Nigeria are : Cracking the confidence code, the art of negotiation and navigating organisational politics.

Speaking about her passion for democratisation of opportunities in the corporate world, Bukola, who hails from Nigeria, said, “I am both an immigrant and a woman and I have managed to break the glass ceiling to be the highest ranking Black professional in a leading international bank. I can do it and so can others. We, at Career Masterclass, want to share our insight, knowledge and experience so that others, like us, can benefit from it.”
Launched as a UK based entity in 2015, Career Masterclass has an international outreach via its global platform. It holds both in-person training sessions for leading organisations and online events. The company has grown from strength to strength and plans to launch its crowdfunding later this month. 

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